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Welcome to Crofton Infant School Parent Staff Association. This page aims to provide you with an overview of our role within the school and information on upcoming events and school uniform requirements:

    * What is the PSA and what do we do?

    * Upcoming events

    * The PSA team and ways to get involved

    * PSA Meeting Minutes and Financial status

    * Matched funding scheme

    * School Uniform and PSA Uniform Shop
What is the PSA and what do we do?
The Crofton Infant School Parent Staff Association (PSA) is a group of 50 members of parents and staff from the school. Working as a registered charity (No. 1052854) , our key role is to coordinate numerous fundraising events throughout the school year in order to help fund educational or fun projects within the school that the school may otherwise not be able to provide. In addition, we run a highly successful school shop (further details below).
We also see that the role of the PSA is to raise these funds in a way that adds fun for the children and parents as well, which is why our motto is “Fun for Funds”.
Recent projects include:

    * Funding of new blinds for the school (£2,300)

    * Outdoor classroom, reading areas and storage (£6,000)

    * Play equipment and guided reading books (£6,000)
    * Running track and its additional facilities (£20,000) 
    * Multi Use Games Area (MUGA) (£22,000)
Upcoming events (2016-2017)
The next events in our calendar are as follows:

Event Date  Contact 
Lottery Monthly Draw Claire Hobday & Hannah Bryant
Christmas Cards w/c 12th September 2016 Jane Boys
Fireworks 3rd November 2016 Neville Secular
Quiz Night 11th November 2016 Hannah Bryant
Christmas Fair 3rd December 2016

Hannah Bryant/Neville Secular/

Jane Boys

Christmas Disco 19th December 2016 Claire Spiceley
Heros and Heroines Disco 21st February 2017 Reception parents
Easter Egg Hunt 3rd - 17th April 2017 TBC
Quiz Night 19th May 2017 TBC
Summer Fair 17th June 2017 Hannah Bryant & Jane Boys
Year 2 Leavers Disco 13th July 2017 TBC

For the latest information on upcoming events please follow us on Facebook:


The PSA team and ways to get involved

We are lucky to have a wonderful team of parents and staff who work together throughout the year. We are always looking for new and enthusiastic members of the team! Please contact the PSA Chair if you are interested:

    * PSA President - Wendy Giles, Head of Infant School

    * PSA Chair  - Hannah Bryant

    * PSA Secretary - Matt Clark

    * PSA Treasurer - Dawn Feely

    * PSA School Uniform Shop Manager - Gillian Bell



Come and join us! 

Our PSA meetings are only one a term and are usually held at 7.30pm on a Wednesday in the school staff prep room. If you are interested in finding out more or joining us please feel free to come along on one of the following dates:
WEDNESDAY, 21st September 2016 7.30pm - in the Teachers Prep Room at the Infant School
WEDNESDAY 16th November 2016 7.30pm - AGM and meeting - in the Main Hall at the Infant School.
WEDNESDAY 18th January 2017 7.00pm - In the Teachers Prep Room in the Infant School
WEDNESDAY 8th March 2017 7.30pm - in the Teachers Prep Room at the Infant School.
WEDNESDAY 17th May 2017 7.30pm - in the Teachers Prep Room at the Infant School.
WEDNESDAY 5th July 2016 7.30pm - in the Teachers Prep Room at the Infant School.
Or are you “Happy to Help”?
If you would like to be included in the ‘Happy to Help’ list for parents, grandparents or carers who maybe can’t commit to being part of the PSA but would like to help at some events or support us, then please contact  Hannah Bryant (PSA Chair) at or
07796 142281.
 Thank you!

PSA Meeting Minutes and Financial status
Below are links to the most recent minutes and accounts:

* 2012-2013 PSA Accounts

Matched Funding Scheme

This a staff benefit, generally offered by larger employers such as Banks and Insurance companies. It offers a £ for £ donation to match a sum of funds that you, the employee, has raised for a charity of your choosing, usually up to a maximum sum per year.
Please remember that many companies want employees to participate in matched funding, and actively encourage them to become involved in community projects, including School Fairs, Cake Sales etc, by offering to match any funds they raise.
We are looking for more of people to get involved. We can't raise the funds for all the extras our children need, if we don't have your support! Please contact your HR department to see if they are interested in being part of the scheme.
Full details of the scheme can be found here
A full list of participating companies can be found here
PSA  Shop - opening times
The PSA shop is open every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, during term time, between 2.45 - 3.15pm