Connect Schools Academy Trust



Executive Head Teacher
Andrea Carter
Head Teacher
Wendy Giles
Assistant Heads
Meredith Dowley
Acting Reception Leader
Tricia Jolly
Year 1 Leader

Joanna Styles
Year 2 Leader

Karen Rumbold

Debbie Weaver
Inclusion Manager

Aimee Day
Inclusion Manager
Specialist Teacher (Inclusion)
Mrs Beard
SEND (Dyslexia & Literacy)
NQT & Student Co-ordinator/Lead Practitioner across the Trust
Mrs Carter
Mrs Ellis
Mrs Buddin
Business Manager across the Trust

Mrs Singer
PA to Executive Head
Mrs Blake
Finance Assistant
Miss Seery
Finance Assistant
Mrs Day
Administrative Officer
Mrs Ellis
Administrative Assistant
Mrs Copper
Administrative Assistant - Inclusion
Healthcare Assistant
Mrs Hotchkin
Site Staff
Mr Binder
Facilities Manager across the Trust
Mr Zatloka
Premises Officer
Mr Chapman
Premises Assistant

Year 2 Class Teachers
Miss Batchelor
Class 1 Teacher

Mrs Wawman
Class 2 Teacher - Subject Leader English

Mr Jordan
Class 3 Teacher - Subject Leader Maths

Mrs Holmes
Class 4 Teacher

Mrs Attree
Class 5 Teacher

Ms Morrison
Class 6 Teacher - Subject Leader PE

Year 1 Class Teachers
Miss Rafferty
Class 7 Teacher

Mrs Grainger
Class 8 Teacher

Miss Carley
Class 9 Teacher - Subject Leader Music

Mrs Dunne & Mrs Ting
Class 10 Teacher

Miss Holehouse
Class 11 Teacher

Mr Lambourne
Class 12 Teacher

Reception Class Teachers
Mrs Carey
Class 14 Teacher

Miss Vassallo
Class 15 Teacher

Ms Gray and Miss Hopkins
Class 16 Teachers

Miss Geraghty
Class 17 Teacher

Miss Ivy
Class 18 Teacher

Miss Cunningham
Class 19 Teacher

Busy Bees Teachers
Mrs Spackman
Head of Unit
Miss Hedges
Ms Jordan
Mrs Tappin

Intervention Teachers
Miss Aubert
Visits Co-ordinator across the Trust

Mrs Bushnell

Mrs Jarred

Mrs Lynch

Teaching Assistants
Mrs Adams
Mrs Barker
Mrs Barrett
Mrs Beatty - Busy Bees
Mrs Bishop
Mrs Blair
Ms Bonat
Mrs Coulstock
Ms Davis
Mrs Dunstall
Mrs Eller - Busy Bees
Mrs Gill
Miss Hock
Mrs Hodgson
Mrs Horler - Busy Bees
Mrs Jacobs
Ms Jones
Mrs Khan
Mrs Kitterhing
Mrs Knight - Busy Bees
Ms Mason
Mrs Medhurst
Mrs Munro
Mrs Nagashima - Busy Bees
Mrs Powell
Mrs Ring
Mrs Rothman
Mrs Rozee - Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs Sanger - Busy Bees
Mrs Searle
Mrs Smith
Mrs Velvick
Mrs Whittall
Mrs Whitting
Mrs Willows
Ms Winterburn - Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs Younger, Staff Governor
Mid-day Supervisors
Mrs Gosden - Senior Mid-day Meals Supervisor
Miss Hock - Senior Mid-day Meals Supervisor
Miss Astill - Busy Bees
Mrs Berkhaue
Mrs Bottomer
Miss Clarke - Busy Bees
Mrs Cranenburgh
Mrs Hann - Busy Bees
Mrs Heinson
Mrs Inwood
Mrs Jacobs - Busy Bees
Mrs Joel
Miss Jones - Busy Bees
Mrs Law
Mrs Madkins
Mrs Martine
Mrs Ryan
Mrs Saville
Miss Scott - Busy Bees
Mrs Tomlin
Breakfast and After School Club
Ms Wittey - Manager
Mrs Oxlade - Manager
Ms Bonat - Walker
Mrs Bottomer - Walker
Mrs Brown - Play Worker
Ms Cooper - Play Worker
Mrs Pai - Play Worker
Mrs Patel - Play Worker
Mrs Pooley - Play Worker
Miss Popielarz - Play Worker
Mrs Rothman - Play Worker